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PA court rules some aspects of sex offender registry constitute punishment

By Sandy . . . The case is T.S. v. Pennsylvania State Police; the decision can be viewed here. A legal representative with PARSOL — Pennsylvania Assoc. for Rational Sexual Offense Laws — stated, “[The decision] is GOOD. It will be most helpful with our push to reform how the SVP label is applied just arbitrarily…Read more

North Carolina ordered to remove more than 1,000 from registry

By Robin . . . Congratulations to NARSOL’s attorney, Paul Dubbeling, who has successfully challenged the constitutionality of registering individuals who moved to North Carolina prior to December, 2006, with convictions from out-of-state. Federal District Court Judge Terrence Boyle signed an order yesterday (May 12) agreeing that these individuals (more than 1,000 of them) were placed on the N.C. registry…Read more

From the ACLU: Tell Congress that Covid-19 relief must include incarcerated people

Releasing the most vulnerable to COVID-19 from our prisons, jails, and immigration detention centers is critical to stopping the spread of the deadly virus in facilities and our broader community. Yet, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are not using their authority to safely and swiftly reduce incarcerated populations right now. BOP and DOJ…Read more

Attend the conference: NARSOL LIVE

By Richard . . . In July, 2019, there was a vision among some that the 2020 NARASOL Conference in Raleigh, NC, would be one to remember.  Little did we know it would be remembered for being cancelled due to a worldwide pandemic.  But in the spirit of the Phoenix, NARSOL Conference 2020 is rising to live again, and “Plan…Read more

Special Edition

The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders

Who are the Insiders? They are the men and women, boys and girls incarcerated due a sexual crime conviction. NARSOL has received articles, op-eds, and original art from them for many years now, and their contributions, published in the Digest, offer unique perspectives on life behind bars. With the onset of Covid-19, the Coronavirus, emails have come in to us from federal prisons all over the country through the BOP Corrlinks Program. Too voluminous to publish in one Digest, we offer them here, on the serialized section of our blog, roughly in chronological order….Read more

Humans on the Registry

Timothy B.

Since my conviction in 2004, I have actively studied the law. I have become an advocate for registrants and prisoners who are having issues with the criminal Justice system. I decided to make a change in the system for me …Read more

Featured Podcast

Registry Matters – Internet Ban Ruled Unconstitutional In New Jersey

Please note: Registry Matters is NOT a NARSOL project or entity.  It is completely independent of NARSOL.  

Beware of scams targeting those on the registry

A year ago NARSOL began tracking reports of scams targeting those who are on the sex offender registry.  We are deeply concerned about this and committed to taking whatever steps we can to help protect the well-being of our members and contacts by making them aware of this situation. Read post

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It is extremely important that registrants and their family members, as well as all members of society who believe in constructive and fair laws, come together in the fight to change the oppressive sexual offense laws.

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NARSOL opposes dehumanizing registries and works to eliminate discrimination, banishment, and vigilantism against persons accused or convicted of sexual offenses through the use of impact litigation, public education, legislative advocacy, and media outreach in order to reintegrate and reconcile affected individuals and restore their constitutional rights.

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