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NARSOL’s Vander Wall quoted in aftermath of Omaha registrant murder

By  Sydnie Holzfaster . . . A shooting in North Omaha has sparked concerns over the state sex offender registry. Following the death of Mattieo Condoluci, members of the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) are calling for the state to remove the public state sex offender registry. “If he was not on the registry I have no doubt…Read more

NARSOL demands the end to state-sponsored facilitation of vigilante murders

On May 16, in Omaha, Nebraska, James Fairbanks went to the home of Mattieo Condoluci, an individual on the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry, and shot him to death. Fairbanks had identified Condoluci from the registry. He turned himself in and is awaiting charges. This is a pattern we have seen played out over the years, registrants murdered by vigilantes using…Read more

Colorado Supreme Court allows man to stop registering

By Michael Karlik . . .  In a 4-3 decision, the Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that a criminal defendant was entitled to his request to de-register as a sex offender because he completed the terms of his probationary sentence and therefore no longer had a conviction under the law. A district court agreed with the prosecution, claiming that the…Read more

Just what is Vivante Espero and what does it do?

By Larry . . . We recently received a letter written by  a  prisoner  asking  specifics on what the Vivante Espero  Foundation  does. The  writer  suggested  that  he  would  consider  supporting  us  if  we  addressed  his  concerns. We view the letter as an opportunity to help our readers who are  incarcerated  better  understand  what  we do since most incarcerated individuals …Read more

An encouraging win in Pennsylvania

By Larry . . . T.S. v. Pennsylvania State Police was just decided by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth Court is the intermediate court of appeals which leaves open the door for the state to seek review in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. This case has the potential to remove a significant number of people from the state’s sex…Read more

PA court rules some aspects of sex offender registry constitute punishment

By Sandy . . . The case is T.S. v. Pennsylvania State Police; the decision can be viewed here. A legal representative with PARSOL — Pennsylvania Assoc. for Rational Sexual Offense Laws — stated, “[The decision] is GOOD. It will be most helpful with our push to reform how the SVP label is applied just arbitrarily . . . Read more

Special Edition

The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders

Who are the Insiders? They are the men and women, boys and girls incarcerated due a sexual crime conviction. NARSOL has received articles, op-eds, and original art from them for many years now, and their contributions, published in the Digest, offer unique perspectives on life behind bars. With the onset of Covid-19, the Coronavirus, emails have come in to us from federal prisons all over the country through the BOP Corrlinks Program. Too voluminous to publish in one Digest, we offer them here, on the serialized section of our blog, roughly in chronological order….Read more

Humans on the Registry

Michael A.

As a registered citizen I was concerned about being on a public registry for life. I was concerned that I would be harassed at home and/or my vehicle would be vandalized. Fortunately, I have not had any personal safety issues…Read more

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Registry Matters – Grabarczyk in NC and T.S. in PA

Please note: Registry Matters is NOT a NARSOL project or entity.  It is completely independent of NARSOL.  

Beware of scams targeting those on the registry

A year ago NARSOL began tracking reports of scams targeting those who are on the sex offender registry.  We are deeply concerned about this and committed to taking whatever steps we can to help protect the well-being of our members and contacts by making them aware of this situation. Read post


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