THANK YOU to everyone for a very successful NARSOL LIVE

By Richard . . . WHEW!  “It is done,” was my personal thought at 4:30 p.m. Saturday the 13th.  But the feeling was pure excitement and satisfaction.  The NARSOL LIVE Webcast has concluded, and the simple comment “Well received” is the clear result.  It is with some personal pride that I say the Conference Operations Committee did an outstanding job bringing the first NARSOL LIVE Webcast to an audience not just all over the country but to other continents.

Registrations totaled 330, representing 45 states and 2 foreign locations.  Not only did persons on the registry and their families attend, but also a significant number of attorneys, social service providers, and criminal justice personnel that have not attended previous conferences tuned in.

While we are still receiving surveys, the preliminary analysis is very encouraging. Statements included, “Well Done,” “Great Job,” “All presenters were excellent,” “I was highly motivated by the speakers,” “This…is exactly what I needed,” and some just “Thank You”s. Out of a 5 point scale, 96.6% said, “Likely to participate again.”  Participants rated speakers’ knowledge at 96%, and 67% of participants said they are likely to go to Houston for next year’s conference.

There will be a serious review of all surveys, and the CPC and COC will take a long hard look at the comments.  We do have some things to learn, and adjustments will be made for future events.  We could not have provided this event without the professional help of Beacon Live.  Their help in the planning and the delivery of the technology was essential and greatly appreciated.

Everyone understands that we had hoped to be in Raleigh, North Carolina, for our 12th Annual Conference.  And there will always be an asterisk on the year 2020.  When it was important to make a decision, the Conference Planning Committee did not hesitate to move to a webcast concept.  At the time we had no idea how to convert our work of ten months into an experience that would expand our mission work, have value, and be promoted to our membership.  Each day was a series of questions and each answer would bring us to the next question.  Every member of the COC was immediately on board, each taking on a task, all giving of their time and experience.

Everyone who was registered should have received links that will enable you to watch any section that you missed or to watch it again in part or in its entirety. If you missed out, never fear; the recordings will become available to everyone in mid-to-late July.

This is probably the single most successful event in our short history, but we have every confidence that our future events will be just as outstanding. A huge thank you to everyone who attended.

Robin Vander Wall

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Robin is NARSOL's chair, the managing editor of the Digest, director of development, and provides assistance to the webmaster in keeping our websites running smoothly. He also serves as founder and president of Vivante Espero, NARSOL's 501(c)(3) foundation and legal fund.