NARSOL launches new, independent resources website

NARSOL is proud to announce the launching of a new resource website. This is a stand-alone site, separate from our main site but accessible from it as well as independently.

For the techies out there, it is a wiki-powered website driven by a powerful set of relational databases on the back-end, which allows for easy updating, link-checking, and sorting/grouping of data. It won’t get bogged down under its own weight due to site complexity, constant re-design, and outdated links or information.

This is the result of NARSOL listening to what our members and affiliates told us they wanted. While they were generally cheered by NARSOL’s legal successes in the courts, they really wanted to see more resources that would help them in their day-to-day struggles surviving and coping with life on the registry. A court case half-way across the country might sometimes be a little abstract for them, but finding a good job, housing, or a support group was often a very concrete need for many.

Our new site was designed, built, and is currently maintained by volunteers Michael McKay, NARSOL’s marketing director, and Jeremy Pierce.

Michael says of his creation, “I think the greatest strength and asset we have at NARSOL is the incredible dedication and wealth of knowledge of our members. With this people-powered website, we can harness that wisdom and energy for the betterment of everyone. I also think this will bring a lot of people to NARSOL who aren’t yet familiar with who we are and what we do.”

A Texas Voice’s member, Gary, on being introduced to the site, said, “This is incredible! When you first mentioned this idea, I thought it was great, but this is better than I imagined. The life support section brought tears to my eyes, and YES, please include re-entry resources. I hear from new registrants on occasion wanting to know what to do next, and the chances of violating a restriction is huge early on. And it’s embarrassing asking for help. This website can literally keep people out of prison! I love it!”

Please check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

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