NARSOL has its own social media platform

NARSOL now has its own social media site at

Connections has the look and feel of Facebook and is intended to provide a way for people on the registry to socially interact. If you are craving social interaction with a group of people who understand what you have to deal with, this platform may be perfect for you! And feel free to invite sympathetic friends and family members.

Connections is a place to share your day-to-day experiences, such as your favorite joke, your amazing accomplishments, recent events (happy or sad), or just your current philosophy of life. Like any social media site, you will find people you agree with and people you disagree with. You can choose to friend or unfriend people, or even block people. The administrators have set up basic rules of courtesy, and there is a strict age requirement (must be 18 or older). This is a site for sharing and socializing.

For about one more week, you can join the site without an invitation. After that, the site will be locked and joining will require an invitation from someone already on the site. (This is to keep people out who only want to join in order to cause trouble!)

To join, simply to go and sign up. It’s simple and it’s free. If you are able and you have the time to engage in a little virtual social interaction, you might want to give it a try.

Just remember if you are required to register your social media screen names or sites, you will need to register this one too. Questions or concerns about the site should be directed to NARSOL or the site administrators.


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