Michigan Senate approves tightened restrictions

By Samuel Dodge

LANSING, MI – The Michigan Senate voted Wednesday to codify court-recommended changes in the state’s Sex Offender Registration Act.

The legislation now only needs Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s signature to become law.

State lawmakers approved altering registration protocols for sex offenders during its Wednesday session, fulfilling a 4-year-old mandate from the U.S. Court of Appeals.

The federal court ruled in 2016 that it was unconstitutional to impose new restrictions on people convicted before the state’s Sex Offender Registration Act was updated. House Bill 5679, sponsored by Rep. James Lower, R-Greenville, addresses that problem and was approved in the Senate by a 21-17 vote.

The Michigan House approved the bill 80-24 during the first week of the lame-duck session. The bill now heads to Whitmer to potentially sign into law.

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