Announcing the NARSOL National Speakers Bureau

NARSOL is pleased to announce that it has launched its national speakers bureau with the following goals:

  • To open a path to new constituents for its vision, mission, and research by providing qualified speakers on various related reform topics, and
  • To facilitate getting its perspective out to the larger general public, enabling them to become part of the public discussion on sexual offense policies and undermine the thinking that justifies new draconian initiatives in state legislatures.

NARSOL’s Speakers Bureau’s strategy is to curate and offer speakers who are both professional and effective advocates with expertise in various areas related to our vision who are available to speak before civic groups, political groups, religious bodies, criminal justice reform groups, and civil liberties advocates.

NARSOL Speakers Bureau speakers may not agree with all of NARSOL’s goals; however, they will certainly not oppose or speak against them. However, all speakers will fundamentally believe in the vision and mission of NARSOL: To work to see a society free from public shaming, dehumanizing registries, discrimination, and unconstitutional laws.

You can find the NARSOL Speakers Bureau online at or via the menu under the “Resources” tab as “Speakers Bureau.” Each speaker is presented with an image and his or her highlighted top three speaking topics. Additionally, you may expand each speaker’s listing to see a full bio, extended speaking topics, and access a contact/booking form. When you submit a contact/booking request, either the speaker or a NARSOL Speakers Bureau coordinator will contact you to organize the speaking engagement.

Finally, we encourage you or your organization to reach out to us at NARSOL Speakers Bureau <> if you have any questions, concerns, or feel you or someone you know would make a good addition as a speaker on NARSOL Speakers Bureau.

Brenda V. Jones, Executive Director – NARSOL


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