For today, for tomorrow, for a lifetime

Good Sunday Morning, Everyone;

We made it to another week, and it’s a great time to share and be creative!

An old African proverb said,

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I say,

“Give a man an job and he’ll work today; teach a man how to live and he’ll thrive for a lifetime.”

We must have a collective that directly impacts us rather than allowing outside individuals or groups to influence our growth and well being. I feel strongly that is what we need to do as registrants oppressed by harsh sexual offense laws. We are not in this alone, and as a whole, we are strong.

There are many resources available to assist someone in getting back on their feet and thriving in this life. However, it is solely up to you to surround yourself with people that can make a difference in your life today, tomorrow, and into the future. You have to choose to take that next step, to get outside your comfort zone and take a chance on yourself. Find the resources you need to learn how to live again.

Learning how to create a new normal takes time, resources, and people. The people you surround yourself with today determines your outcome, your future, your life. Choose well.

Todays image was captured at Helms Landing on the Cumberland River. It was a cold, foggy morning, the kind I love to get out and experience. The air was so still and quiet. I could hear the river softly flowing by. As I eased to the edge of this small creek, I felt an eerie chill and the wetness of the fog. Nature says good morning in her own special way.

Have a wonderful day.

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