A fond farewell and a reassurance

By Brenda . . . On behalf of NARSOL’s board of directors, I wish to offer a very fond farewell to Richard who has stepped down from his successful leadership responsibilities for NARSOL. Richard has been a tireless worker for NARSOL since before his service as a director on the board. For several years, he has played an integral role in planning and implementing our national conferences and webinars.

In case all of that wasn’t enough, Richard also contributed his time and talents as a regional coordinator for state volunteers in NARSOL’s northeast region where he facilitated the organizational efforts of new and veteran advocates. Richard’s good humor and dedication to our cause will be sorely missed, and we wish him the very best for the future.

Additionally, I want to clarify that everyone on our board and in our leadership (Richard included!) remains in good standing, with no scandals, personal issues, or other concerns. Apparently, some of our members and supporters were worried; have no fear though! We are going strong!

We remain a strong, vital, functioning board. Yes, Richard will be sorely missed, but we will carry on with all of our duties as well as picking up those that were his. Soon other volunteers will step up to take on some or all of Richard’s responsibilities, and a new board member will be seated, either now from those already approved by our nominating committee or at election time.

This is a good time to emphasize that, just as no one person in our organization defines the organization, no one person or group defines the advocacy movement that NARSOL represents. People come and go. Even organizations come and go. But the need for serious criminal justice reform is a constant. The need for the abolition of shaming registries is a constant and so will remain until they are gone.

Brenda Jones

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Brenda is NARSOL's executive director. She serves as affiliate coordinator for our affiliates, contacts, and advocates; serves on the tech team; and oversees special projects such as Fearless, the state law wiki, and Lives on the Registry.