Louisiana legislative committee rejects marking registrants’ driver’s licenses

By Will Sentell . . . A bill that would require the driver’s license or identification card of sex offenders to carry a special designation was narrowly rejected Tuesday in the House Transportation Committee.

State Rep. Larry Bagley, R-Stonewall, said his proposal was aimed at protecting citizens while also complying with a recent ruling by the state Supreme Court.

The court last year struck down a state law that said IDs for sex offenders had to include the words “SEX OFFENDER” printed in orange.

The measure failed 6-7 after a lengthy discussion.

Critics said the measure would likely be struck down.

“I have a problem with this bill,” said Rep. Mack Cormier, D-Belle Chasse and a member of the committee.

“It is not because I don’t want to protect kids. From a legal standpoint I do not think this would stand up in the U. S. Supreme Court.”

The bill would require that a driver’s license or state-issued ID card include a designation that would be recognizable to law enforcement officers.

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