ACTION ALERT appeal from NARSOL’s Paul Shannon

Another request for your help from supporters of the civil commits at Moose Lake

New DOC threats against a leader of the non-violent protests against civil commitment facility at Moose Lake, Minnesota

First Daniel Wilson and a dozen others civil commits were placed in the disciplinary unit at Moose Lake without any due process for their protests against Minnesota’s civil commitment program. Now, Charlie Sullivan of National CURE informs us that on October 5 the Minnesota DOC will decide to return Daniel to prison. One reason given was that he had too much property in his room. But it’s pretty clear the main reason was Daniel’s courageous efforts to oppose a civil commitment program which has only fully released 14 men while 88 have died over 26 years. Hundreds and hundreds are presently civilly committed with a disproportionate number of them being people of color.

Please call Minnesota Governor Tim Walz at 651-201-3400 and ask him to provide due process for Daniel Wilson and the others in the disciplinary unit in the Moose Lake Sex Offender Program. Urge him, in addition, to prevent Wilson from being sent back to prison.

Also call the administration of the civil commitment program at 218-565-6000 and urge them to release Dan and the others from the disciplinary unit.

You could also call Daniel at 218-351-1900 to encourage him to keep up the good work. His number to leave a message for him is 106021. You can leave your number if you would like him to call you back.

All the best,

Paul Shannon

Chair, NARSOL Board of Directors

Paul Shannon

Written by 

For almost all of Paul's adult life, he has been an activist, writer, and speaker in various peace, union, prison reform, human rights, and social justice movements. In the late '90s he helped organize a broad coalition for hearings to oppose the original sex offender registry and lifetime civil commitment legislation in Massachusetts, and in 2007 he was a founder of the original Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL). Paul is the former chair of the NARSOL Board of Directors.

6 Thoughts to “ACTION ALERT appeal from NARSOL’s Paul Shannon”

  1. AvatarD

    Wow this makes me mad!

    1. AvatarH n H

      So? It makes everyone mad. It’s 1000% wrong and immoral to treat people like this, but what can anyone do about it? Ring the governors phone with call after call? Flood his office with mail? Protest? All of it is squabble compared to how much power the entire thing gives him. I’m sick of being labeled a monster and not being able to even kid around with a smile on my face or be part of people at work because I’m “that registered sex offender guy”. But nothing will change anyone’s perspective of me. I’m trash and garbage and I’ll be treated as such till I die. Yeah, it makes me mad, but…. So? It’s a matter of mind over matter. They don’t kind, and you don’t matter.

    2. Avatard

      Everything you said is true but I still feel better saying Wow that makes me mad!

  2. AvatarWC_TN

    This goes to show everyone how little the government thinks of us. A minor personal property violation does not warrant a return to prison. This is an act of overt retaliation for bringing heat on a scam the state is party to and fully intends to perpetuate as long as the courts will let them get away with it.

    This is a mockery of justice and an absolute abuse and weaponization of the correctional system. We all need to unrelentingly blow up their phones until Mr. Wilson is released from segregation and is no longer under threat of being returned to prison.

    This is retaliation for bringing heat on the system; not for any “personal property violation”. This is so typical of people who work in corrections. You bring heat on them from the outside and they are guaranteed to find the smallest of infractions in order to open up a way to legitimize retaliati

  3. AvatarBrandon

    As a Minnesotan this makes my blood boil. I don’t care what someone did in the past and they shouldn’t be locked up because of something they might do. If that’s the logic than everyone should be put away. Last time I checked Minority Report was a movie, but it looks more like reality, especially with never ending treatment centers.

  4. AvatarPerry P.

    Let’s just call these places what they really are. Call them out every chance we get. Call them DEATH PENALTY CAMPS!
    Because that is EXACTLY what they are!

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