NARSOL press release calls out NCMEC for false information

In its release against ALI, NCMEC not only makes false implications, they print actual lies. They imply that stranger danger is a serious threat to children, but they lie in saying that if there were no public sex offense registry, companies that hire people to work with youth would have no way of determining if a person had a sexual crime conviction. To protect children, we must rely on facts and truth, something that NCMEC seems to have trouble understanding.

Read our press release here. Our release includes a link to the NCMEC release.


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24 Thoughts to “NARSOL press release calls out NCMEC for false information”

  1. AvatarA Mistake They Made

    To take away constitutional rights from people all you need is Fear, or a crises that is bad enough to make a majority go along with it. Better safe then sorry is Safe and sorry later.

  2. AvatarWill Allen

    Any serious organization cares about facts and reality. NCMEC cannot possibly be so dumb as to not realize that what they are saying is not accurate. So that makes them liars. I think the thing they are concerned about the most is fleecing as much money as they can. They are grifters.

    It’s a shame. I wish the organizations that actually care about protecting children were bigger and had more resources. Instead of them being siphoned away to grifters. It is a fact that there aren’t any serious public safety organizations that think the Oppression Lists should exist. Those that do, like NCMEC, are actual enemies of all moral, decent Americans. We need to vote for politicians and support others in a way that ends NCMEC.

    Personally, I don’t think there are any informed, intelligent, moral people who do think the Oppression Lists should exist. I really don’t. If a person does, then they are deficient in one of those ways.

  3. AvatarPerry P.

    One could easily say that this report NCMEC put together, is not only absurd, but actually Fear Based instead of Factual. Then again, it IS a John Walsh Production. So it’s no surprise that he’ll just as easily accept The Lies it consistently spews out, rather than accept The Real Truth he so badly seems to need to avoid.

  4. AvatarDianaM

    The old saying…..”..follow the money”…famous John Walsh has a vested interest in continuing to exploit children and their parents by disseminating outlandish lies and false information. …but, he’s funded by your tax dollars to do so….

  5. Avatarjim

    I meant to say Mabie John Walsh should be on a list. He’s on my new list, I will sue him soon.

    1. AvatarMike

      another person that should be on the Registry is John Walsh himself, he was 23 when he was dating Reve his then girlfriend when she was 16 a 7 year difference. Then he comes up with The Adam Walsh Act. (AWA) when his son Adam Walsh was murdered. The thing is Adam was murdered not sexually assaulted, even the guy who murdered Adam said he didn’t sexually assault Adam he just killed him, plus Adams head was the only thing recovered, so who knows what really took place. The supreme court wants make sex offebce laws retroactive then they better make john walsh & George w. Bush & those 47 employees that was busted for having child pornography on the Pentagon computers where they worked or the thousand of poloce officer’s that exploited the very children theyre supposed to protect

  6. AvatarNorthEastPA

    I always thought NCMEC was a joke. In my book they really don’t provide the public with any real service. They only give the “mask” of doing so. I think my real dislike of this organization is that John Walsh is a major part of it and his idiot son Callahan (who by the way probably could not get a real job in the job sector).

    To justify their existence and funding as we can see NCMEC has no problem inflating statistics and twisting facts in their favor.

    NcMEC stating that organizations/companies that employee people or ones that have volunteers will have no way of checking a person’s background to see if they have a criminal past. This is of course what background checks do include by the way.

    Wondering then if registries are so darn important so that one’s background can be checked to prevent crimes towards children then way did this work so well (sarcasm) when it came to the Boy Scouts sandal and of course the church sex abuse problems just to name two off the top of my head.

    1. AvatarEd C

      You are absolutely correct in that NCMEC is not a joke. A classic disinformation tactic is to imbue a person or organization with the veneer of credibility. That person or organization then becomes an oft quoted “credible source” or “expert.”

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
      — Joseph Goebbels

      Thanks to NARSOL for directly calling them out as lying rather than using a more passive approach.


  7. AvatarTj

    Until law suits are the reply instead of press releases that no one but the offender reads then it serves no purpose. The damage is done and the politicians are winning 99 percent of people believe the media bullst**.

  8. AvatarTS

    Let’s see…

    John Walsh and his little entity VS ALI and all of its membership


    I see the scale tipping to ALI in value of importance and smarts here

    1. AvatarTim in WI

      Sure but a good portion of the ALI are victims advocates. There are thousands of lawyers solely working accident claims. There are others working poison cases, from anthrax to mesothelioma to roundUp to Xanax. And then we deal with assault victims who get the lion’s share of the airtime even when convictions are questionable as we saw in the case against “America’s Dad.” Slowly but surely it’s prompting toxicity and leading to bloodletting in the streets. The rightful purpose of courts is solemn final resolution. ( Final order)
      Congressional use of ex post lawmaking upon crime is the inverse.

  9. AvatarLance Martinez

    I have been on the registry since 2004, I was never convicted. I was investigated by the FBI and applied to and passed to conceal carry. I am listed as a level II offender on the registry and there is no way I can get off the registry. How is it that I remain a registered sex offender now and will remain a registered sex offender after death?

    1. AvatarAlexander C Miles

      Could you clarify the circumstances of your case: state registries refuse to register persons who have not been convicted of a specified sexual offense. Mere allegations or dismissed charges are not sufficient reason to permit registration.
      A.C. Miles

  10. AvatarA Mistake They Made

    NCMEC their logo the three kids holding hands fleeing from the boogeyman how dramatic. It invokes fear to the heart of the viewer for the safety of there own children just as designed. I have read enough cases now to know this is a very rare occurrence of 3 children fleeing from some sexual monster. The worst of circumstances sure or better yet how about showing 3 dead children in a pool of blood this would be even scarier for your hood ornament. Their words do the same only with lies as opposed to false images. Predators chasing kids around is BS!

    1. AvatarA Mistake They Made

      Just in time for Halloween too LOL!

    2. Avatarjim

      I wonder how John Walsh has become a multi millionaire over his sons terrible fate? When horrible things happen to other people and kids all over. I think the offences to these people are very wrong but why has John Walsh profited and continues to profit over his sons fate? Mabie there needs to be an investigation on John’s possible involvement into the tragedy he has laid out. Just a thought.

    3. AvatarA Mistake They Made

      Good point Jim

  11. AvatarBrandon

    John Walsh is a propagandist and will use anything to sell his bs. I wouldn’t trust him except for being a clown at the circus. He can’t handle the truth and his bs wouldn’t of protected his son. He and his wife failed and have projected their guilt on others.

    1. AvatarMike

      Well John Walsh should be on the registry because John Walsh himself, when he was 23 when he was dating Reve his then girlfriend when she was 16 a 7 year difference. Then he comes up with The Adam Walsh Act. (AWA) when his son Adam Walsh was murdered. The thing is Adam was murdered not sexually assaulted, even the guy who murdered Adam said he didn’t sexually assault Adam he just killed him, plus Adams head was the only thing recovered, so who knows what really took place and Megan Kanka’s parents lied to everyone when they made the stayement ” they didnt know that an offender lived across the street if they knew an offender lived across the street they could’ve protected Megan” They knew an offender lived across the street because in the police report the officer talked to everyone who live on there block. And only 3 people didn’t know an offender lived there and there was 3 offenders living together across the street and in the report Megans parents stated that they knew about the offenders lived there.

  12. AvatarTim in WI

    It is good to see NARSOL in attack mode with instead of playing defense.
    NCMEC was intended as a clearinghouse of information,. Take a look at the definition of clearinghouse. All part of legitimizing the commoditization of personal information data.

  13. AvatarDavid Rubin

    Um, so what about those with PBJ’s (probation before judgment)? They wont show up either. The Registry is just security theater. Does NOTHING to prevent a crime. And to the point of ‘stranger danger’, are they not aware that most incidents of abuse happen within friends and family?

  14. AvatarTS

    So, my significant other was watching a show on Brian Laundrie the other night where John Walsh was on the panel discussing his disappearance. He strongly exclaimed he fully believed Brian was being hidden by his parents and they were helping him to hide wherever he was. Then the next day, the FBI confirms his remains were in the nature reserve in the middle of nowhere.

    Once again, John spouts falsehoods, but gets paid for it in the end and walks away with the money without a care. He is as bad as a rotten used car salesman.

  15. AvatarDS

    I cannot believe NARSOL agrees with any type of registration! (Law enforcement only). Abolish the registry!

  16. AvatarDustin

    When was the last time NCMEC reported anything factual? For that matter, when was the first?

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