Civil commitment public awareness event in Littlefield, TX

We are holding a  “PUBLIC AWARENESS EVENT” on April 9th 2022 at 10:30 am in Littlefield at the Civil Commitment Center.

For anyone coming the night before, we are booking rooms with a 10% discount at the Best Western Inn in Littlefield. Just tell them you are with “ Operation Freedom.” The total seems to be averaging $120 for one night and includes free breakfast.

We will have a gathering at breakfast in the hotel before the event around 7:30 am. Join us if you can.

A professional award winning photographer and film maker, Alan Pogue, is coming to take pictures and video our event! Also we have free legal representation for anyone who will be participating, an attorney out of Amarillo. We are so grateful.

We will go to the facility in time to be there at 10:30. Meet there by then if you are coming in the morning.

Please bring a chair. Water and snacks will be provided. We will also have a pamphlet for handing out to anyone who wants to know more. We will have a “honk-in” as we are leaving.

Contact me for questions:

(817) 501-3655

2600 Hall Ave, Littlefield, TX 79339

2600 S. Sunset Avenue
Littlefield, Texas 79339


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