Professor Ira Ellman will speak at NARSOL’s 2022 conference

NARSOL is delighted to have Professor Ira Ellman as one of our honored speakers at our 2022 conference.

Ira M. Ellman is a Distinguished Affiliated Scholar, Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California, Berkeley, and affiliated faculty of the Berkeley Center for Child and Youth Policy. He serves on the editorial board of Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, a research journal published by the American Psychological Association. He was Chief Reporter for the American Law Institute’s major project, Principles of the Law of Family Dissolution, and more recently served on the Members’ Consultative Group for the Institute’s revision of the sexual assault provisions of the Model Penal Code. His 2015 article, “ ‘Frightening and High’: The Supreme Court’s Crucial Mistake About Sex Crime Statistics,” has been widely discussed in both legal publications and in key national media. He has also authored amicus briefs on behalf of social science experts in the field for the U.S Supreme Court and the state supreme courts of California, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.

When Poetry Magazine, a prestigious literary publication, included a poem by a former English professor who served a prison term after a sexual offense conviction in 2014, there were protests and demands that the magazine withdraw his poem. It was included in a special edition containing exclusively the works of those who have been incarcerated. The editorial board of the magazine made clear that they would not remove the poem, and when the protesters created a petition condemning the decision, Professor Ellman organized a petition approving and affirming their decision.

Professor Ellman will speak to us on the complex topic “Animus.”

We proudly welcome Professor Ira Ellman to North Carolina and our “From Acorn to Oak” Conference.


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