75% Of Sex Offenders On The Registry Have Not Offended Children | Tammi Mac

Tammi and her guests talk about the effectiveness of the sex offender registry and the fact that 75% of offenders on the list have NOT been involved in crimes that involve children.


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  1. AvatarTim in WI

    It is broad. It is the broad application of the database. This was always the underpinning. It was sold ( SOR) as a means to utilize the (registry)database to make society safer, to protect our most vulnerable, and to assist law enforcement. Unfortunately nothing could have been further from the truth. Today’s youth are far more vulnerable than ever because of the database driven infrastructure. Our futures have been compromised by our poor leadership and their choice to opt for unfettered use. In Smith V Doe, SCOTUS sanctioned the benevolence of unfettered application suggested by congress.

  2. AvatarTim in WI

    Of course her facts are correct. The vast majority of interpersonal attacks occur among adults. Com stviolence The mantra “to protect our most vulnerable” then was a rather empty premise.
    How vulnerable is the kid who’s naturally seeking affirmations about their gender, sexuality and identity in the landscape the modern database driven internet culture? Nothing could have created a larger threat to their individual sovereignty than the database PERIOD. The registered sex offenders maintaining already know it. State’s message to the disfavored bunch…update or else.
    Maintain the machine… or else.
    NARSOL certainly acknowledges a certain unconventional unconstitutional nature of the sex offender registration and notification regimes, and must continue in that mission utilizing the same infrastructure. It must educate more concerning the plain liberty lost by over reliance upon database machine to solve human bad behavior. Convenient behavior does not necessarily denote intelligent behavior. Unfortunately, humans are easy targets for those offering convenience.

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