Sex Offender Registries TW: Abuse

Someone asked me once how I determined which topics to cover. I answered that I have all these topics in my mind but one at a time they move to my heart and I get really curious and passionate enough to research and teach — to sexplain. This is what happened with the registry. There wasn’t a personal experience or an audience question, it just shifted from my head to my heart and had to come out. At first I used the registry to understand it from a laypersons perspective. I was shocked that Bill Cosby was not on there so early I learned the list isn’t accurate. Then I spoke with a police detective, and two therapists who work with sex offenders. I used to work with sex offenders too but didn’t take that into account. What I gathered from these sources, and then all the studies I read online, is that sex offender registries, at least the public registries in the U.S. are not fair, don’t work right, and do incredible harm.


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  1. AvatarMax Freeman

    It would be very hard to explain it any clearer and true to the point then this.
    Only thing that should be added is that all the people and families that have been devastated by this financially, socially, and emotionally, need to be compensated to a serious degree.
    My life has been affected to the point to where I am now living alone in poverty possibly for the rest of my life I’m sure I am not the only one out of the hundreds of thousands affected by this.

  2. Avatarw

    People think these are unintended consequences, no the law makers and law enforcement and politicians knew exactly where this would go. They just wanted two things: the money and the job. This scheme ended up being a free ride for them while they look like they’re doing it all to protect the public. But what has really happened is a complete and blatant abuse of power and waste of tax payer money. But if you tell people it’s all about “gettin dem sex ofendahz” they will gladly support every unconstitutional encroachment on people’s lives. Even if it means that they’ve now created an inhumane system that may end up being used against them. Nobody ever thinks it’ll happen to them so they don’t care.

    Even having a non-sexual offense still puts you into a vicious system that to put it bluntly just needs bodies to process. That’s all anybody is at this point, just another one lined up like the rest. And the law makers and law enforcement and politicians don’t lose any sleep over what they’ve done to you or your family or all the other lives they’ve ruined. Or how deep of a cover-up they have to run to keep up the illusion of safety that they’ve sold to the public. So it’s time to fight!

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