2 Thoughts to “Florida Call to Action”

  1. AvatarTim in WI

    It might be a good idea for FAC to follow one mans lead and create an underground railway to Europe. An exodus. I remind you folks the President who signed it was from Arkansas. And In the model of Southern slavers. The good ol` boys consistently had a pension for free labor.
    How stinking obtuse is it? Them that claim to defend liberty and human independence decided to be the first to reconstitute involuntary servitude… to a database; no less a property and only to advance human dependence upon the machine and it’s upkeep!
    Sure there was loads of cash in it, but that doesn’t excuse the overarching moral underpinnings contained in the 13th amendment: ” …,nor involuntary servitude shall exist, except as punishment…… duly convicted….” This is the part not contemplated in Smith V Doe. If nothing else the ex post prohibition upon Congress was specifically intended to protect the people from the fascism in popular movements. Fascist regimes always include certain traits, one being mandated free labor to private firms. See leased** bracelets. The role of Mr. Schindler as an movie example of the type. I refer to this lot as the pure capitalist. Another being the tactic of fear and paranoid despots with propaganda aimed at child rearing. See Patch Press and regimes like SOR. Self feeding enterprise.

    1. Avatarvinny

      I concur ,bravo, could not have said it any better myself!
      I would love to add a few tidbits about that president and his wife but i wont , its part of history now.

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