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Survey Of Insurance and Travel Rentals As a Person Forced to Register

Some Persons Forced to Register on the public “Sex Offense” Registry have reported difficulties in obtaining certain types of insurance. The purpose of this survey is to find out if this is a common problem amongst Persons Forced to Register.

The following questions will ask questions about applying for insurance and travel-related rentals and services (transportation, hotels, etc.). This survey will not ask questions regarding demographics or about certain forms of vacation travel like cruises or international travel.

The criteria for taking this survey is as follows:

1. You or your loved one MUST currently be on the sex offense registry, or have been forced to register at some point, AND
2. You or your loved one MUST have applied for insurance AND/OR have attempted to engage in domestic travel planning such as buying a travel ticket, renting transportation (including moving vans), or staying in a hotel or short-term lease, since placement on the sex offense registry.

This survey contains 18 questions plus a bonus question.

It should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

This survey was created by Derek W. Logue of

Here is the link to the survey:

someone outside of NARSOL

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