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Law enforcement officers routinely break the law

By Bonnie Burkhardt . . . It is a felony and a federal crime to impersonate someone else and intercept private communications intended for them, 18 U.S. Code § 2511.  There is no exception for police, and no exception if written permission is obtained.  Yet impersonating others online is the basis for police sting operations across the country.  Law enforcement must be able to investigate criminal activity, but they cannot commit their own crimes while doing so.  It is now customary for officers to violate Fourth Amendment law, and it is happening more frequently.

Without a warrant or report of a crime, male officers create fake profiles on adult-only dating sites using photos of attractive ladies (or young men).  Men often see a profile and begin a conversation.

During the chat, the officer claims to be an underage 14-year-old girl/boy, even if it is obviously an adult pictured.  The officer uses entrapment to lure the man to meet.  The officer’s goal is to catch someone who might solicit a minor.  Why not use a Disney site instead of an adult-only dating app?  Since role playing is common online, most men believe they are talking to an adult.  They agree to meet in a public place to confirm the person pictured is of legal age.

Read the full piece here at The Opinion Pages.

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One Thought to “Law enforcement officers routinely break the law”

  1. AvatarTim in WI

    The NSA is active on legit porn sites too. And they don’t really hide it, It’s right in plain site. You’ll see NSA on the thumbnail!
    That way when they indict someone their collective as$es are covered.

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