Reform Sex Offender Laws, Inc. demands full investigation of inmate beating and death

An innocent man was allowed to be beaten to death while in the custody of the TriCounty Regional Jail in Mechanicsburg.

He was awaiting trial on the charges of sexual molestation of a child. Our constitution and our justice system assures an assumption of innocence until guilt is proven. Therefore, David Piersol, 39, died an innocent man on April 11 at the Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton Ohio after receiving his life-threatening injuries in the TriCounty Regional Jail in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, on April 5, 2014, while under the “protection” of the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office.

Mr. Piersol’s death comes midst an unacknowledged wave of vigilante attacks that are often made possible by public sex offender registries, as well as by politicians and media reportage that give license to vengeance. Every story about the incident that has a comment board is filled with vigilante remarks such as, “KARMA!!! He got what he deserved…” and “I have no pity on this piece of trash.”

The WHIO Facebook page, under the article about his death, garnered this as a comment: “Tax payer money savings plan.” And a person claiming to be a “deputy sheriff of 30 years” said in reply to someone who pointed out that he had not been convicted, “Take off those rose colored glasses and recognize that he got what he deserved.”

Vigilante action against registrants has blasted its way through many years, aided by the ready access of the public sex offender registry, through horrendous murders years after the conclusion of a sentence, vicious and cowardly attacks, and even over the radio waves where popular talk-show hosts delight in the death of a registrant who burned to death in a house fire. 

But Mr. Piersol was not a target to be tracked down by a killer using the public registry as a road map. He was under the custody and protection of law enforcement.

RSOL asks for Ohio elected officials to condemn this terrible death. Those responsible–including officials who may have improperly placed this man in general population–must be brought to justice. We call for a thorough investigation conducted by authorities completely independent of the Champaign and Union County criminal justice systems.

Reform Sex Offender Laws, Inc. extends to the family and friends of David Piersol our deepest sympathy at this tragic loss of your loved one. We will continue our demands until those responsible for David’s death are held responsible.
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2 Thoughts to “Reform Sex Offender Laws, Inc. demands full investigation of inmate beating and death”

  1. AvatarMargaret Moon

    I sincerely hope that this murder victim’s family acquires a good attorney and sues those three counties for millions! This is an atrocity! Our constitution and legal system is based on “innocent until proven guilty” however this does not apply to any crime labeled a “sex crime.” The media treats an accusation as though it is a guilty verdict and even the self-proclaimed retired LE deputy indicated the same belief. The media and legislators have spread the idea that it is acceptable to heap any kind of punishment on an accused offender or registrant. This must stop!
    Thank you RSOL for demanding justice.

  2. AvatarLevi

    If there is an accusation of a sex crime in American law there is no need for a guilty verdict.. For the uninitiated here is a quick run down of American mob rule at its finest:

    1st: The accusation…. Wife is mad at you? Girl friend didn’t get the ring she wants? Daughter or son got grounded for misbehavior? You got a raise instead of your co-worker?You had too much to drink and were walking home couldn’t reach a bathroom? THESE ARE ALL VIABLE GROUNDS FOR AN ACCUSATION..
    2nd.. The rest. No matter what the charge you are now branded a rapist/peadophile… You are now guilty, You have no right to a defense,there is no statute of limitations, there is no ex post factos or constitutional protection, heresy is perfectly acceptable as long as it is against you but nOT if it is for you..welcome to your living death…case closed..

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