Tuesday, February 16

By Terry . . . Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!

I think today is a great time to share and be creative!

What do you think about yourself?

Before I got myself into trouble and landed on a sexual offense registry, I was not a nice person. I did not care about anyone except myself. I was rude, self-centered, and nasty to everyone, and I was not a good husband or dad to my kids.

As hard as that is to admit, I now realize, that is no way to be or to treat others. For me, it took going to jail for 3 years to understand who I was and who I wanted to be. I never thought in a million years I would be sleeping on a 2″ matt for 9 months on the floor of some jail cell. As terrible as jail is, I found a way to see the positives from that situation and turn them into change for my life.

Society says I am a monster, they say I am a danger to others, and they tell me every day that I am no good and not worth the air I breath. I have news for them.

They’re wrong!

How we think of ourselves directly affects how we live, how we love and how we create the life we want. When we allow the opinions of others to tear us down and control how we feel about ourselves, they have total control over our life.

I just can’t allow that.

A good self-image is more important than anything else you can do for yourself.

Start working on you, so you can be the you that you want to be.

I love sunsets. This is Horseshoe Reservoir in Southern Arizona. The Verde River spills into this small lake in the mountains east of Phoenix. The only time you can see this lake like this is in the winter when the water is drawn down. When I think of beautiful, I think of this tiny lake, hidden from the world to see.

Have a wonderful day!

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