Wednesday, February 17

By Terry . . . Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!

It is another snowy winter’s day we get to share and be creative.

A friend of mine wrote a post that talked about patience. I read what she had to say, and I wanted to add my two cents on the subject for this morning’s blog post.

I am a doer, and I believe we do have control of our destiny. Part of our destiny is all the detours we must take to get there. What we decide to act on or not act on, that too, is part of our destiny.

Impatience is the result of being delayed from having the world be the way “WE” think it needs to be, right now. It is a lack of control of our emotions. That is not always the best course of action or thinking. When we do this, we tend to make rash decisions that, many times, result in regret.

I believe everything happens for a reason. When we allow things to run their course we often discover things are exactly how they should be. I also believe that patience is a learned action. As life goes on and we do not get our way, like being in jail or prison, we learn how to be calm and maximize our time in the midst of delay. When we start to examine ourselves, we will find areas for improvement. They say patience is a virtue; I must agree, and learning it will add another tool you can use to improve your life, daily growth, and destiny.

Today’s image was captured on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park at the Desert View Watchtower. It rained all day. I stood in the same place for many hours because the weather report said it was going to clear in the evening. So, I waited. My patience paid off with five minutes of a sunset unlike any I had seen before.

Have a wonderful day!

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