11/18/21 New NARSOL-approved research project

Yvette Harris, a presenter at our 2021 conference in Houston, has launched a new study designed to identify the challenges that children and family members of the incarcerated have faced because of COVID. More specifically she is interested in determining how COVID has influenced their communication with their incarcerated loved one, how it has affected their mental and physical health, their financial stability, and their parenting. In general, the purpose is to determine how COVID has impacted their daily lives.

Study participants will complete the 46 item COVID household pulse survey, which is designed to measure the impact of COVID on households. The participants will be asked questions about their employment history, their relationships with their incarcerated loved ones, food security, housing, physical and mental health, access to health care, and children’s education and how COVID has impacted the participants and their family members in these areas. Participants will have the option of completing a Qualtrics survey, or a paper copy of the survey and will receive a $10.00 gift card for their participation in the research.

Get more information and contact information here.


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