Deep discount for 2022 conference nearing end

Just a quick “heads up” for anyone thinking of attending NARSOL’s 14th Annual Conference in Raleigh, NC in June…

You’ve got just a few days left to take advantage of NARSOL’s 2022 Conference Super Early Bird special price of $139. After November 21st the price will revert back to $259, excluding any other discounts. The soon-to-expire Super Early Bird price of $139 represents a whopping $120 in savings!

Think of what you’ll be able to do with an additional $120 in your pocket, whether you plan to use it for holiday shopping now or save it for your visit to Raleigh. Either way, a hundred and twenty bucks is a hundred and twenty bucks! We would hate to see you miss out on this great deal because you forgot and missed the deadline. Best to get signed up now, while it’s top of mind!

You can learn more about the conference, hotel bookings, and other details at:


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